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Potential effect of supplemental…

It is estimated that zinc deficiency affects 17% of the world's population, and because of periods of rapid growth children are at an increased risk of deficiency, which may lead to stunting. In one study published in Arch Iran Med. 2006 Apr;9(2):148-52. about The effect of supplemental zinc on the height and weight percentiles of children, the study METHODS: Age, sex, and height and weight percentiles before and after administration of zinc were determined and recorded. The zinc supplement used in this project was in the form of a zinc sulfate solution in 0.1% and 0.5% concentrations. The dose was..

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Is camel milk proteins…

Hepatitis C virus (HCV) causes both acute and chronic infection. Acute HCV infection is usually asymptomatic, and is only very rarely associated with life-threatening disease. About 15–45% of infected persons spontaneously clear the virus within 6 months of infection without any treatment. The remaining 55–85% of persons will develop chronic HCV infection. Of those with chronic HCV infection, the risk of cirrhosis of the liver is between 15–30% within 20 years. Geographical distribution Hepatitis C is found worldwide. The most affected regions are Africa and Central and East Asia. Depending on the country, hepatitis C infection can be concentrated in..

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Camel milk as a…

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a severe neurodevelopment disorder with onset prior to 3 years of age . It is characterized by impairments in social orientation, communication, and repetitive behaviors . In addition to behavioural impairment, ASD is associated with high prevalence of autoimmune disease , gastrointestinal disease and dysbiosis , and mental retardation . The prevalence of autism has increased over the last several decades. The incidence of ASD in United States increased in 2008 to 1 in 88 children . Prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in Saudi Arabia is estimated to be 6 : 1000 . Increased prevalence has great..

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